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this is me..

He is from the south of Spain and based in London.

He is a computer and open source development enthusiast, enhanced by his recent experiences with the linux world. Also, he's becoming a JavaScript fan. It continues surprising him with its endless possibilities, at the end of the day, 'with JS everything fixes'.... This site is 100% HTML5/CSS3/JS.

He enjoys being with his friends and his hobbies are related to spending the little time remaining on his music. He considers himself as a music freak!!


  • 2008 - Seville University, Spain - BSc Degree in Computer Science

Professional Experience

Nov 11 - Present. Senior J2EE/Mobile Developer at Mfuse, London, UK

  • I’m currently employed as senior developer for Ladbrokes, in a mobile gaming company. My main duties are the improvement of the team-related processes with agile approaches (scrum-ban) and driving technical decisions within the team.
  • Developing backend with Java using Seam and Spring containers. Due to the loading volume scenarios of our application it was mandatory to develop multithreading implementations ensuring the thread safety of the code. Establishing third- party API ́s communication using SOAP and RESTfull technologies. Frontend was developed on top of GWT 2.5 using the MVP pattern. As offering mobile web solutions we had to deal with specific webkits and device issues to guarantee the correct functionality throughout devices. These tasks were achieved by getting the most of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript best practices and collaborating with the designers.
  • Also I was responsible of:
    • Collaborating with the management (PM/PO) on the creation of release/sprint plans and grooming/prioritizing the product backlog.
    • Responsible of code reviewing, coaching, mentoring, pair programming and encouraging my colleagues follow code standards.
    • Managing all application deployments to the QA, development, pre/post-production environments by using continuous delivery approaches.
    • Monitoring, identifying and modeling existing processes using BPM techniques.
    • Managing the release process: branching, merging, tagging.
    • Responsible of the Apple and Blackberry submission.
  • Key Technologies: Java core, GWT, Spring, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, Kanban, release manager, TDD, BDD.

Jul 11 – Nov 11. J2EE / Web Developer at DBG global media, London, UK

  • I worked for a distributed development team based in London, Moscow and Washington to develop and provide solutions to integrate social media services into web based mobile applications following agile methodologies. My focus was on the management and administration of the backend with J2EE related technologies. I was supporting and assisting the front end providing JavaScript integration with the backend using jQuery.
  • Key Technologies: J2EE/Spring/Rest WS/Hibernate/HTML5/CSS3/jQuery/Modernizr/Android/IOS.

Jun 09 - Jun 11. Researcher at the University of Cadiz, Spain

  • Working for the development of a semantic platform for the preservation and exploitation of cultural digital content, under European investment project (Project code: TSI-020501-2008). Related technologies: Liferay, MediaWiki, WordPress, OWL, RDF, RDFa, SPARQL,JENA. System administrator on unix servers, back-up duties and web hosting management. Co-responsible of the generation of the public deliverables (state-of-the-art/technical/usecases requirements).
  • Member and Collaborator of TIC195 R+D group (Software process improvement and formal methods).
  • Semantic activities integration with LMS (LAMS).
  • Conference: SPDECE multidisciplinary symposium on Learning and Assesment of educational digital contents. Organization Committee member and proceedings editor duties.
Scientific Contributions

Apr 07 - May 09. Software Engineer (JAVA) at AtSistemas. IT consultancy, Spain

  • Responsible to develop J2EE solutions in a mature Agile environment. (SCRUM/TDD/BDD/Continuous integration).
  • I worked for a team driven by gathering requirements using BDD and DDD. This approach was tackling the full stack of development process together with continuous integration delivery. I achieved experience generating all the requirements deliverables (technical/scenarios) that were shared for mentoring and new joiners.
  • Projects consisted on building enterprise web applications using J2EE technologies.
  • The back-end was managed with J2EE frameworks (Spring/Spring MVC/AOP/ JAX-RS). The persistence layer was managed with iBatis/Hibernate and cache mechanisms (EHCache).
  • Front-end was developed with RIA and event-driven approaches (jQuery/Mootools/Prototype).
  • Key Technologies: J2EE/Spring/ JAX-RS/Hibernate/iBatis/jQuery/Agile/BDD


  • February 2011 (100h): Model Driven Development Workshop (University of Cádiz): Main topics focused: MDA/MDE Introduction, EMF Introduction, GMF IDE creation, GMF IDE creation advanced, ATL Introduction, M2M to ATL transformation, JET Introduction, M2T to Jet transformation.
  • Dic 2010 (20h) BDD Javascript testing: Integration of Jasmine framework with Node.js
  • Sep 2010 (30h) Crossbrowsing techniques: Implementing tricks/hacks to overcome CSS ruling depending on which web browser are involved. CSS resetting rules and JavaScript libraries (jQuery/YahooUI/Mootools).
  • May 2010 (30h) FLEX Builder: Training course introducing main API concepts as well as identifying several requirements to ease the development process.
  • April 2009 (50h) REST: Advanced REST modeling course and spring integration, JSON parsing on the client side. XML mapping encoding/decoding on the Server side.
  • November 2008 (20h) XML Parsing Procedures: Used Technologies: XML, jDOM, JAXP, JAXB. Web clients emulation through* package utilities, managing JSON on the request/response objects and post-processing with libs.
  • August 2008 (30h) Spring 2.5 y AOP: Framework layer integration with Spring 2.5. AOP Transactional and jUnit 4.
  • March 2007 (300h) Web development and services Expert University Course. Spanish homologated reference UN0730H. University of Seville. Related technologies: UML, RMI, AWT, Oracle 10, JavaScript, Applets, AJAX, JSP, Struts 2, Hibernate 2, XML, EJB, .NET, tomcat 6, GlassFish.

Technical Skills

Java and J2EE Technologies

  • Spring, Spring MVC, Seam, Struts, JSP, EJB.

Web Technologies

  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript Libraries (jQuery, Modernizr, Mootools, Prototype,, Require.js, Underscore.js), JavaScript Frameworks (Backbone, Angular, Yeoman, Ember.js), Grails.

Mobile Technologies

  • IOS, Android, Blackberry, Phonegap (Apache Cordova), jQuery Mobile.

Software development methodologies

  • Agile (XP, Scrum, Kanban, Lean, TDD, BDD, DDD).

Project management tools

  • Atlassian applications suite (Jira, Bamboo, Greenhopper, Fisheye), Agilo, Trac, Xplanner, Redmine, Assembla, Bugzilla.


  • Hibernate, Ibatis, JPA, GORM.

Web Services Technologies

  • REST(JAX-RS, Spring), SOAP(JAX-WS).

Application Servers

  • JBoss, Tomcat, GlassFish, OC4J, Joseki.

CASE tools

  • MySQL Workbench, Visio, Enterprise Architect, Balsamiq.

Virtualization Solutions

  • VMWare Server, VMWare Workstation, XEN, VirtualBox.

Revision control systems

  • SVN, GIT.

Building/Testing/ tools and Continuous integration:

  • Maven, Java (jUnit, Mockito, FEST assertions, jbehave), Javascript (Testacular, Jasmine, Mocha), Jenkins, Sonar.


  • MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL.


  • Liferay, Joomla, WordPress.


  • Ubuntu Server, OpenSuse Server, Suse Linux Enterprise Server, Oracle Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Semantic Technologies


RDF Triple Store Systems

  • Ont-space, Jena SDB, Open link Virtuoso, Oracle Spatial, RDFStore, Sesame.

Semantic Tools

  • Protegé, Neon Toolkit, IsaViz, Joseki.

Business Process Modelling

  • BPMN, jBPM, Drools, BPEL.

Elearning Platforms

  • Moodle, LAMS.


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